What we do at Jensen Zigman Construction Company Inc. (Zigman Construction Company Inc.):

  • Evaluate proposed projects prior to plans and specifications
  • Reevaluate proposed projects after preliminary Plans have been submitted
  • Submit cost estimate of projects after all plans and specifications have been determined
  • Assist architect during finish drawing stages with cost effective methods and materials to meet realistic projected completion costs and construction time
  • Assist owner with the selection of the architect that would be best suited for the proposed project
  • Obtain building permits for owners
  • Total construction of the project from start to finish
  • Obtain completion bonds on a project if requested
  • Obtaining all lien releases at completion of the project and submitting copies to owners
  • Obtain all insurance certificates from subcontractors naming the GeneralContractor and owner as additional insured
  • On site supervision needed and total control of the project by our firm
  • Obtain all inspections
  • Obtain all warranties and give them to owner at completion of project
  • Periodic meetings with the owner and architects throughout the project as needed to insure that the construction meets the conditions and details of the plans and specifications.
  • Easy access to the contractor
  • Deliver client-focused service

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